R10 Roasting&Roasting Machine

R10 Artisan: High-End Coffee Roasting Machine

R&R Roaster and Roaster machines are proudly handcrafted by our team in Turkey


It protects the motors in case of any abnormally and let consume less energy. Plug in single phase and run 3 phase motors, silent run to listen only cracks. Inverter for longer life motors.

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Air flow Control R1AIRFLOW CONTROL

Airflow can be increased or decreased during roasting process manually in case of need. You can control the profile’s airflow parameter to reach desired taste.


R10 10 kg batch capacity coffee roasting machine can perform roasts simultaneously with cooling. Drum, Exhaust Fan, Cooling Mixer and Cooling Fan have seperate motors.



  • Sampling spoon and sight window
  • 10 kg batch capacity
  • Drum and Exhaust temperature indicator and controller
  • Chaff collector
  • Simultaneus roasting and cooling
  • Faster cooling with strong cooler fan


Burners are controlled by electronic ignition and burning system. Single push enough to start burner. In case of any abnormally on gas it stops the burner and gas for safety. Reset button helps for re-start the burner. CE certified control cardsare equipped with compatible gas valves.


R1 Roasting Flame ControlShoproasters Flame height can be adjusted manually by Flame Adjusting knob on body. You can reduce or increase the flame height at any time of roasting process. It helps for heating power control of roasting to reach profile you targeted.

Vapporize the chlorogenic acids and get the flavor. R&R Roaster and Roaster produces Artisan Coffee Roasting machines for artisan rosteries

Roasting ControlR&R coffee roasters control boards have 2 options; manuel control and touch screen PLC control. Manuel control comes with seperate start stop buttons of each motor, burner switch and emergency stop buttons. 2 thermostat with indicators for drum and exhaust temperature.

Touch screen PLC control roasters have software developed by our R&D team to control and save drum speed, airflow, temperature. Operator can save the recipes and recall them while roasting.


  • Batch Capacity : 10 kg
  • Roasting Period : 11-15 minutes
  • Dimensions : 140 x 190 x 172 cm
  • Weight : 400 kg
  • Voltage : 110 / 220 / 380 V
  • Frequency : 50 – 60 hz
  • Fuel : Gas (LPG, Propane, Natural Gas)
  • Number of Motors : 4 pcs, Drum, Mixer, Exhaust Fan, Mixer Fan
  • Audible Warning : Audible warning when it reaches to set drum temperatures
  • Electrical Parts : R&R use most common and famous brand electrical parts on machines
  • Safety : We prefer CE certified parts and components on production.
  • Quiet Run  : Quiet run helps to hear first crack and second crack clearly by inverter driven motors

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